Bud Tristano: Solos Favoritos de la Guitarra

Solos por orden alfabético.
(Los suplentes puedan ser de otros discos.)

Guitarrista Solo Disco Suplente(s)
Billy Bauer Atonement Complete Lennie Tristano (Mercury) Blue Mist
Purple Haze
Jeff Beck Where Were You Guitar Shop Cause We've Ended
as Lovers
Jason Becker When You Wish Upon a Star The Raspberry Jams Go Off!
(con Marty Friedman)
Charlie Christian Swing to Bop Live at Minton's Six Appeal
Eric Clapton Cocaine Slowhand Spoonful
(con Cream)
Billy Gibbons Fool For Your stockings Degüello Blue Jean Blues
George Harrison Something Abbey Road Till There Was You
Jimi Hendrix Hear My Train a Comin' Rainbow Bridge Woodstock Improv
Star Spangled Banner
John Lee Hooker Goin' to Louisiana That's Where It's At! When My First Wife
Left Me
George Lynch Just Got Lucky (live solo and outro) Beast From the East Mr. Scary (live intro)
Wes Montgomery While We're Young While We're Young Monterey Blues
Jimmy Page Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin II Stairway to Heaven
Ten Years Gone
Django Reinhardt Minor Swing   Echoes of Spain
Andrés Segovia Capricho Arabe
(Francisco Tárrega)
  Pavane No. 1 in Am
(Luis Milan)
Steve Vai Blue Powder Passion & Warfare Rescue Me or Bury Me
Eddie Van Halen Little Dreamer Van Halen Eruption
Spanish Fly
Mean Street Intro
Frank Zappa Yo' Mama Sheik Yerbouti Black Napkins