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My First CD

My first CD, "Primal Elegance", features selections from private sessions recorded at Connie Crothers' former Manhattan studio from June 1997 to January 2001. All of the music is freely improvised by Connie (piano) and myself (guitar). It is not Jazz or Rock ... and it is not even fusion! The music is representative of what actually happens when musicians get together and try to create something new, without regard to any commercial considerations. "Art" is not a pretentious word in this context ... Speaking only for myself, I'm not making any claims to greatness or contemporary relevance. I just have a need to use the creative part of myself ... That's what artists basically do!

It's also our First Amendment right.

Bud Tristano: Guitar
Bud's hands
Bud's Hands on Guitar: Photo by Alison Gordy

Connie Crothers: Piano
Connie's hands
Connie's Hands on Piano: Photo by Alison Gordy

Click on links below to hear samples:

1.  Primal Elegance  (453 kb) (4:46)
2.  Poesía (529 kb) (3:04)
3.  M-theory (422 kb) (4:26)
4.  Modal (362 kb) (2:43)
5.  Sunspot (676 kb) (3:43)
6.  Mahicanituk (523 kb)
(the continually flowing waters)
7.  Sound Painting (485 kb) (5:28)
8.  A Room In Manhattan (396 kb) (2:12)
9.  Anima Manahatta (539 kb) (8:01)
10.  Fractal (438 kb) (6:01)

All selections by Bud Tristano and Connie Crothers (Manhattan Room Music)
© New Artists Records, Inc. 2001

Guitar: Bud Tristano
Piano: Connie Crothers
Recorded at: Connie's Studio
Recording Engineer: Connie Crothers
Mastered at: The Make Believe Ballroom
Mastering Engineer: Tom Mark
Artist Photography: Alison Gordy
Aerial Photography: Bud Tristano
Design: Mindy Mitchell and
Bud Tristano

Produced by Connie Crothers and Bud Tristano

Visit the official New Artists CD page:
Aerial Photo of Manhattan: Bud Tristano
Layout of CD Cover: Mindy Mitchell

Bud's Hands          Connie's Hands
More Hand photos by Alison Gordy

Blue Manhattan         Golden Manhattan         Connie's Studio
Original Aerial photos by Bud Tristano, plus Connie's former Manhattan studio.


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