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The Long-lost Bud Tristano Field Recordings

This music was recorded in the backwoods of Pennsylvania at my camp, Pesunqua, over a period of ten years (1987-1997) using a small portable cassette player and one external microphone. Once a year I would compile a cassette and distribute it to a (very small) mailing list. Over time, a theme emerged. This collection represents the best of those years. "Pesunqua" reflects the four seasons at my hideaway in western Pennsylvania, as I bonded with the natural history of the woods while working on my music. Often you will hear nature sounds in the background, which became integral to the creative process.

Once I finished editing a final draft CD at home, I sent a copy to Dana Duke of Big Twig Studios for mastering. In spite of the low-tech recording, he was able to improve upon the overall sound.

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Track Number and Title Size Time
acoustic  1)  Frozen Winter Morning (1.23 MB) (1:20)
electric  2)  Dark Winter Night (1.02 MB) (1:06)
electric  3)  Spring Peepers, Awake! (1.04 MB) (1:08)
acoustic and electric  4)  Green Lydian Rain (4.75 MB) (5:11)
acoustic  5)  Lament (1.06 MB) (1:10)
acoustic  6)  Summerís Promise (764 kb) (0:48)
acoustic  7)  Intrigue (Prelude) (486 kb) (0:31)
electric  8)  May Dawn (1.09 MB) (1:11)
acoustic  9)  Intrigue: Piney Creek (964 kb) (1:01)
electric 10)  Wood Thrush Suite (5.59 MB) (6:06)
electric 11)  The Hum of Life (1.38 MB) (1:30)
acoustic 12)  Camp Blues No. 1 (903 kb) (0:57)
acoustic 13)  Concerto For Guitar and Thunderstorm No. 2 Movement 1 (778 kb) (0:49)
acoustic 14)  Concerto For Guitar and Thunderstorm No. 2 Movement 2 (0.97 MB) (1:04)
acoustic 15)  Concerto For Guitar and Thunderstorm No. 2 Movement 3 (4.21 MB) (4:36)
electric 16)  Wood Thrush (Reprise) (0.98 MB) (1:04)
electric 17)  Summerís Glory (6.57 MB) (7:10)
acoustic 18)  Camp Blues No. 2 (1.14 MB) (1:14)
acoustic and electric 19)  Summerís Over (3.42 MB) (3:44)
electric 20)  August (1.26 MB) (1:22)
electric 21)  Bittersweet (5.50 MB) (6:00)
acoustic 22)  October Cabin (4.01 MB) (4:22)
electric 23)  Buck Eve (2.10 MB) (2:17)
acoustic 24)  Frozen Winter Morning (Reprise) (600 kb) (0:38)
electric 25)  December (1.18 MB) (1:17)
acoustic 26)  Frostbite (620 kb) (0:39)
electric 27)  December (Reprise) (628 kb) (0:40)
Total 54.2 MB 60:02

Sheet music for track 10 ==>Wood Thrush Suite Scores

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Photo Size
Cover Photo Front Cover
(7.26 MB)
Bud Tristano 1991 Bud Tristano
(2.84 MB)
Pesunqua Winter Winter
(2.50 MB)
Pesunqua Spring Spring
(3.12 MB)
Pesunqua Summer Summer
(2.40 MB)
Pesunqua Fall Fall
(3.50 MB)
Pesunqua's Four Seasons Four Seasons
(2.56 MB)
CD Info and Track Listing Info Document
Track List etc.
(27.0 kb)

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"Pesunqua" is the name of my hideaway deep in the forests of northwestern Pennsylvania. It is a faux Native American word that I coined when I was a child. It means "Peace and Quiet" and is pronounced "pee sun KWAH".

Pesunqua can be snowy pines in winter, spring peepers and wild turkeys in the spring, the gentle ripples of Piney Creek and the evening song of the wood thrush in summer, white tailed deer, the ducks and geese visiting in the fall's brilliant foliage ... So peaceful, the days blend one into another. Falling into nature's rhythm so completely, one often forgets what day of the week it is ...

A place of dreams ...

Pesunqua CD Music, Photos, Artwork and Text © 2007 Bud Tristano

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