PIÑA  Piña Beach Extras

Admittedly low quality photos ... but the memories refuse to fade ...

Piña Beach - West

Two pelicans viewed from inside the jungle:

This appears to be an old machine gun nest, forgotten amidst the flostam and jetsam:

This appears to be an old signpost - could this have been the border of the old Canal Zone?
I don't know. It could have also been a warning sign for the US Army's artillery range .

The surf pounding on the reefs.
Looking back to the east, Fort San Lorenzo sits high atop the shadowy cliff in the background:

Zooming in on Fort San Lorenzo.
The fort sits high above the mouth of the Chagres River:

A view inside the fort:

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Piña party late into the Panama night


All photos ... © 1978, 1979 Bud Tristano

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