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Bienvenidos a todos.
Visita Panamá (y la Zona del Canal)
de ayer y de hoy.
Explore Panama and the Canal Zone
from a bygone era as well as today.
Welcome everybody!

~ Spud

Spud's Photo Essays
(Ensayos fotográficos de Panamá)

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Spud La Leyenda de Spud
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The Legend of Spud
(in his own mind)
Cerro Cabra The climb of Cerro Cabra 1979
(Goat Hill)
U.S. Third Locks Excavation The Third Locks Excavation
(Pacific 1979)
Goofy Falls Goofy Falls 1979
Piña Beach Piña Beach 1978-79
Atlantic Side Atlantic Side
Pacific Side Pacific Side
The Interior The Interior
Panama Canal The Panama Canal 1979
Panama Vulture Panama Vultures 1979
Isla Taboga Taboga Island
Christmas, 1999
Admin Bldg View, Y2K Panama Y2K
Panama Artifacts Panama Artifacts
CZ Artifacts Canal Zone Artifacts
CZ Stamps Canal Zone Postage Gallery
Videos Videos

~ Canal Zone Memories ~

Excellent sites for Zonians and Veterans


Lesley Hendricks' CZ Brats

Midge England's Panama CZ

Jeffrey Miller's Panama Blogs

~ New Panama Books ~

The Isthmus


New photo album by Andrew Kaufman:
==> "The Isthmus"

A very nice new project documenting the recent Panama Canal expansion with photos galore, in a coffee table art book format. Also includes fabulous photos of Panama, the country, the people and the culture.

Panamá: el país, la gente y la cultura ... ¡Viva Panamá!


Book Image © Andrew Kaufman. Used with permission.

The Panama Affair


New novel by my friend Jeffrey Miller:
==> "The Panama Affair"

Three young airmen start their Air Force careers at Howard AFB in the Panama Canal Zone in the 1970s. A fascinating adventure unravels as they become involved with Panama's nightlife during the intense times of the Panama Canal Treaty negotiations. Contains mature subject matter.


Book Image © Jeffrey Miller

Música de Panamá

Spud's favorite Panama CD (historical) =>  Panama!2
(Mi CD favorito de la música de Panamá.)

Spud's favorite contemporary artists =>  Samy y Sandra
(Grandes artistas contemporáneos de Panamá)

Canal Zone Music

Robert Bryan: Last Man Out

Robert Bryan's first CD dedicated to Panama and the old Canal Zone.
He has described his music as a cross between Jimmy Buffet and the Doobie Brothers.
The title track is a heartfelt good-bye to a special time and place.
Listen to this one first. Spud approved.

Banners © Robert Bryan

Shorty and Slim

More shenanigans from musical Zonians. Spud approved.

Banner © Shorty and Slim

Panama Style Hot Sauces


Spud approved ==>

Howler Monkey Sauce


Howler Monkey Images © Howler Monkey Sauce, Inc.

Panama Tour Company & Photo album by Paolo Sanfilippo

~ Links ~ ~ About ~
Owned and operated by
by Paolo Sanfilippo
Specializing in places
like these below:
by Paolo Sanfilippo
French Canal
by Paolo Sanfilippo
Fuerte San Lorenzo
by Paolo Sanfilippo
Fort Sherman
by Paolo Sanfilippo
Devil's Beach, etc.
Fort Sherman
by Paolo Sanfilippo
More ...

Going to Panama?
Spud highly recommends the
"Panama" travel guide
published by Lonely Planet Publications.

~ The Panama Canal Authority ~
The Panama Canal today! Official site:
The Panama Canal Authority Homepage

~ Panama Canal History ~
Spud highly recommends the book
"The Path Between The Seas", by David McCullough,
published in 1977 by Simon and Schuster.

Excellent Panama History Site (in Spanish) =>

Excellent Swiss Story of Zonian Life (in German) => Meine Zone, meine Meere

~ Panama Art ~
His art has even graced Canal Zone postage stamps ... see for yourself:
Panama Art by Al Sprague


Except where noted, all photos above ... © 1978, 1979, 1999, 2000 Bud Tristano

The Panama Canal: Right Now!

(Panama Canal Authority's live webcams refresh every 10 seconds)

~ Atlantic ~

~ Pacific ~

~ The Panama Canal Authority ~

The Panama Canal Authority Webcam Page

Or, browse their whole website:
The Panama Canal Authority Homepage


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