CANAL  The Panama Canal: 1979

Ships waiting to enter the canal from the Atlantic side

The Gaillard/Culebra Cut

Going through the locks on the Pacific side

Going past Sosa Hill, Pacific side

Going under the Bridge of the Americas, Canal Zone College in background

Another view of the Bridge of the Americas, Pacific side

Going past the causeway (connects the last three islands on the left) and into the Pacific

Free and clear, out into the Pacific

Above photos ... © 1979 Bud Tristano

The Panama Canal: Right Now!

(Panama Canal Authority's live webcams refresh every 10 seconds)

~ Atlantic ~

~ Pacific ~

~ The Panama Canal Authority ~

The Panama Canal Authority Webcam Page

Or, browse their whole website:
The Panama Canal Authority Homepage

Spud highly recommends the book
"The Path Between The Seas", by David McCullough,
published in 1977 by Simon and Schuster.

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