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The name of my hideaway deep in the woods of Pennsylvania is Pesunqua. It is a faux-Amerindian word that I coined when I was a child. It means "Peace and Quiet". This is the place that inspired my first recordings.

My First Home Recordings
Guitar: Bud Tristano

Acoustic guitar by the campfire (980 kb)     Nylon String
Electric Guitar Samples:

* Bittersweet (clean) (974 kb)

* Heartbreak (loud) (500 kb)

* Woodshed (loud) (538 kb)

* Light In Columbus (loud) (2 MB)

Earliest Known Recording:

* Green Summer (369 kb)
Bud Tristano 1991

summer 1984

Nature Sounds at My Camp

Spring Morning (373 kb)

Summer Morning (230 kb)

Summer Night (73 kb)
    Pesunqua Summertime

All sound samples © 1984 1987 1989 1991 2003 Bud Tristano

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