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"Without repeating life in imagination, you can never be fully alive." - Isak Dinesen

~ Fiction and Literature ~

Richard Bach"Jonathan Livingston Seagull"
"The Bridge Across Forever"
Edgar Rice Burroughs "At the Earth's Core"
Lewis John Carlino "The Mechanic"
Tom Clancy "The Cardinal of the Kremlin"
"The Sum of All Fears"
"Without Remorse"
Arthur C. Clarke "2001: A Space Oddysey"
Isak Dinesen "Out of Africa"
"Last Tales"
Jack Kerouac "On the Road"
Arthur Koestler "Darkness at Noon"
Jack London "The Call of the Wild"
"White Fang"
"Martin Eden"
"The Iron Heel"
Steve Martin "Cruel Shoes"
Upton Sinclair "The Jungle"
John Steinbeck "The Grapes of Wrath"
Henry D. Thoreau "Walden"
Mark Twain "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. "Cat's Cradle"

~ Classic Poetry ~

Robert Frost
Edgar Allan Poe
Robert Service

~ Nonfiction ~


SubjectAuthor(s) Title
Adams, John David McCullough "John Adams"
Aerosmith Aerosmith
and Stephen Davis
"Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith"
Anderson, Walter Walter Anderson "Meant To Be"
Atlas, Teddy Teddy Atlas and Peter Alson "Atlas - From The Streets To The Ring: A Son's Struggle To Become A Man"
Beebe, William Carol Grant Gould "The Remarkable Life of William Beebe -
 Explorer and Naturalist"
Boem, Roy Roy Boehm
and Charles W. Sasser
"First Seal"
Boone, Daniel John Mack Faragher
William Cunningham
"Daniel Boone"
"The Story of Daniel Boone"
Black Elk John G. Neihardt "Black Elk Speaks"
Connors, Stompin' Tom Tom C. Connors "Before The Fame"
Crockett, Davy "Himself"
Constance Rourke
"Davy Crockett's Own Story (as Written by Himself)"
"Davy Crockett"
Dinesen, Isak
(AKA Karen Blixen)
Judith Thurman "Isak Dinesen, The Life of a Storyteller"
Durán, Roberto Roberto Durán
with George Diaz
"I am Durán - My Autobigraphy"
Eckhardt-Gramatté, Sophie-Carmen Ferdinand Eckhardt "Music From Within"
Gzowski, Peter Peter Gzowski
Ed. Edna Barker
"A Peter Gzowski Reader"
Hackworth, David Col. David H. Hackworth
and Julie Sherman
"About Face"
Kilcher, Jewel Jewel Kilcher "Chasing Down the Dawn"
"Never Broken"
Koestler, Arthur Arthur Koestler "Arrow in the Blue"
"The Invisible Writing"
Lemieux, Mario Mario Lemieux "The Final Period"
Malcolm X Malcolm X
and Alex Haley
"The Autobiography of Malcolm X"
Marcinko, Richard Richard Marcinko
and John Weisman
"Rogue Warrior"
McCartney, Paul Barry Miles "Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now"
Nearing, Helen Helen Nearing "Loving and Leaving the Good Life"
Norgay, Tenzing Tenzing of Everest (Norgay)
and James Ramsey Ullman
"Tiger of the Snows"
Pollock, Jackson Deborah Solomon "Jackson Pollock"
Powell, Bud Francis Paudras "Dance of the Infidels"
Steinhardt, Arnold Arnold Steinhardt "Violin Dreams"
Stravinsky, Igor Igor Stravinsky "An Autobiography"
Walls, Jeannette Jeannette Walls "The Glass Castle"
Zappa, Frank Frank Zappa
and Peter Occhiogrosso
"The Real Frank Zappa Book"

History, Etc.

Mark Baker"Nam"Vietnam War
Roy Boehm
and Charles W. Sasser
"First Seal"Military
John Dinges"Our Man in Panama"Panama
Peter Gzowski
Ed. Edna Barker
"A Peter Gzowski Reader"Canada
Col. David H. Hackworth
and Julie Sherman
"About Face"Military
M. R. Harrington"Dickon Among the Lenapes"Historical Novel (Native Americans)
Sam Harris"The End of Faith"World History/Current Events
Richard Marcinko
and John Weisman
"Rogue Warrior"Military
Jonathan Evan Maslow "Bird Of Life, Bird Of Death"Natural/Central American/Political History
David McCullough"The Path Between the Seas"
Panama Canal
American Revolution
Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore
& Joseph L. Galloway
"We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young"Vietnam War
Julian Harriss Salomon"The Book of Indian Crafts and Indian Lore"Native American
Al Santoli"Everything We Had"Vietnam War
Russell Shorto"The Island At The Center Of The World"17th Century America's Dutch Colony
Gerard Thomas Straub"Salvation For Sale"Religion
Richard Wheeler"Voices of 1776"American Revolution
Elie Wiesel"Night"Holocaust
Eliot Wigginton"The Foxfire Book"Americana
Howard Zinn"A People's History of the United States"American History

Science and Nature

William Beebe "Jungle Days"Nature
Vinson Brown "The Amateur Naturalist's Handbook"
(Original 1948 Edition!)
Nature Study
and Philippe Cousteau
"The Shark: Splendid Savage of the Sea" Sharks
Charles Darwin"The Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle"Nature/Travel
Jared Diamond"Guns, Germs, and Steel"Anthropology
Raymond Lee Ditmars"The Thrills of a Naturalist's Quest"Nature
Iain and Oria
"Among the Elephants" Elephants
Dian Fossey"Gorillas in the Mist"Great Apes
Biruté M. F. Galdikas"Reflections of Eden"Great Apes
James Gleick"Chaos" Physics
Jane Goodall"In the Shadow of Man"
"Through a Window"
Great Apes
Brian Greene"The Elegant Universe" Physics
Sir James Jeans"The Mysterious Universe"Astronomy
Arthur Koestler"Janus"Science/Philosophy
Louis Leakey"White African"Anthropology
Mary Leakey"Disclosing the Past"Anthropology
Richard Leakey
and Roger Lewin
Jonathan Evan Maslow "Bird Of Life, Bird Of Death"Natural/Central American/Political History
Ann Haven Morgan"Field Book of Ponds and Streams"Field Guide
Mark and Delia Owens"Cry of the Kalahari"Nature
Wilhelm Reich"The Function of the Orgasm"Psychoanalysis
Eric W. Sanderson"Mannahatta"Natural History of New York City
Herbert S. Zim
& Hobart M. Smith
"Reptiles and Amphibians"Field Guide


Author(s)Title Subject
Edward Abbey "Desert Solitaire"Deserts/etc.
Boy Scouts of America "Fieldbook"
(1967 edition)
Field Guide
Rinker Buck "Flights of Passage"Flying: US
Peter Hathaway Capstick "Death in the Long Grass"Hunting: Africa
Charles Darwin"The Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle"World Travel/Nature
Scott Doggett "Panama" (Lonely Planet)Travel Guide
Euell Gibbons "Stalking the Wild Asparagus"Field Guide/Foraging
William Least Heat-Moon "Blue Highways"Travel: US
John Hildebrand "Reading the River"Travel: The Yukon
Sebastian Junger"The Perfect Storm"Tragedy at Sea
Jon Krakauer "Into the Wild"
"Into Thin Air"
Tenzing of Everest (Norgay)
and James Ramsey Ullman
"Tiger of the Snows"Mountaineering
Jamling Tenzing Norgay
and Broughton Coburn
"Touching My Father's Soul"Mountaineering
Pa. Game Commision "Game News Treasury"Outdoors/Hunting
Ned Smith "Gone For the Day"Outdoors/Nature
Burton L. Spiller "Grouse Feathers"Gamebirds/Philosophy/Americana
F. W. Up de Graff "Head Hunters of the Amazon"Travel/Adventure
Edward Weyer, Jr. "Jungle Quest"Amazon Basin


Author(s)Title Subject
Aerosmith and Stephen Davis "Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith"Rock
Tom C. Connors "Stompin' Tom: Before The Fame"Canadian Folk
Ferdinand Eckhardt "Music From Within"Classical
Guitar Player Magazine "The Guitar Player Book"Guitarists
Jewel Kilcher "Chasing Down the Dawn"Rock/Pop
Barry Miles "Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now"Rock/Pop
Robert Palmer "Deep Blues"Blues
Francis Paudras "Dance of the Infidels"Jazz
Arnold Steinhardt "Violin Dreams" Classical
Igor Stravinsky "An Autobiography" Classical
Frank Zappa and Peter Occhiogrosso "The Real Frank Zappa Book"Rock

~ Paranormal ~

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa: "The Third Eye"
Jane Roberts: "Seth Speaks"

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